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The Matrix Realty Group of companies is proud to announce the launch of our new website featuring the latest and most sought after property investments available on the island of Mauritius. The website has been developed to showcase mostly residential properties available, for sale, in Mauritius. As official partners of local Mauritian agents & developers, Matrix Realty Group, has positioned itself as industry experts when it comes to buying and/or investing in Mauritian Residential Property.

If you wish to buy property in Mauritius look no further, as we are confident that you will get no better selection than what we have on offer. Furthermore, as official representatives of the local agents we are kept abreast of the legal requirements when it comes to buying property in Mauritius. Details of the various Mauritian Residency Schemes can also be found on our website and it is important that you understand the requirements of the various schemes. Our Agents are kept abreast of changes to the legislation and are more than capable when it comes to handling your Mauritius Investment inquiries.

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Properties Currently Available

We pride ourselves in providing only the best investment opportunities in Mauritius. All properties listed are built to the highest standard by reputable developers and are backed by bank guarantees in accordance with Mauritian Law and the applicable residency scheme.

IHS Projects Sold Out
PROW12 Sea Resort Sport and Spa
PROW15 Glorious Villas and Views
PRON34 Semi Detached Villas
PRON36 Discreet Luxury Villas
PRON28 Contemporary Villas
PROW02 Lifestyle Estate and Spa
PRON33 Golf and Beach Estate
PRON25 Luxury Free Standing Villas
PROW07 Marina and Quay Residences
PRON23 Luxury Beach Apartments
PROW19 Luxurious Styled Apartments
PROH33 Beach Luxury Apartments
PROW03 Black River Gorges
PRON21 Azuri Marsalin Residences
PRON21 Azuri Opaline Residences
PRON21 Azuri Nautil Residences
PRON21 Azuri La Baie Residences
PRON21 Azuri Coralis Residences
PROC03 Golf Estate Lifestyle

Invest in the Mauritius Lifestyle

About Matrix Realty Group

Matrix Realty Group-started in 1996, has been successfully serving property developers, buyers and sellers for the past 18 years. The business motto is to serve clients with service par excellence and grounds itself on moral scruples and sound business practice. Our philosophy is to treat all deals with the highest possible standards of professionalism and in so doing, create a solid network of ongoing referrals. With several exclusive residential developments under the belt, we have the veritable experience of being able to quickly ascertain the viability of all new development opportunities listed for marketing…